Reading out aloud to your classmates can be a lot of fun. It’s a great opportunity to make others jump into the world of your favourite book.

During this year’s READING COMPETITION twelve 5th graders, two from each class, presented excerpts from various books such as crime stories, detective stories, stories about pets and monsters - and motivated many of their classmates to read these books.

In two exciting rounds the candidates tried their best to win this year’s prices sponsored by the parents. The listeners supported their classmates and had the chance to take part in a quiz based on the story all of the twelve readers presented in the second round.

In the end, the candidates’ reading performance was judged by the jury who announced the 2023 winners.

The Winners

1st: Khrystyna Shvets, 5a

2nd: Pitchayada Suwimonteerabuth, 5d

3r Maya Anczyk, 5b

Congratulations to the winners.

Andrea Holler

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